How I lost 55 pounds in 90 days

Initially I think I did well because my drive to lose weight was so high and was motivated to lose weight. I got on the scales one day and weighed 285 pounds, I had seemingly put on the last 20 pounds in a matter of days. I had noticed my gut getting bigger, and wasContinue reading “How I lost 55 pounds in 90 days”

More Tips for Starting a Healthy Lifestyle

For all of those considering beginning a journey to a healthier lifestyle, I would like to share some advice on how I think you should approach your this. This advice is based on what I see others struggling with the most. Do not strive to become the perfect version of your future-self overnight, just focusContinue reading “More Tips for Starting a Healthy Lifestyle”

Tips to Boost Weight and Fat Loss.

I apologize for being a bit inactive lately. My life is very busy at the moment. I am working 50 hours a week at my job, trying to learn more, exercise, and swap my bedroom and office in hopes of creating a better sleep environment. I lost 35 pounds in my first 6 or 7Continue reading “Tips to Boost Weight and Fat Loss.”

10 Tips For Beginning A Weight Loss Journey

I think these should apply to almost any type of diet. I notice many struggling to stay on whatever diet they have chosen. I believe the first thing you need to figure out is: What is your why? Why do you want to lose the weight? If you have a strong enough reason, this willContinue reading “10 Tips For Beginning A Weight Loss Journey”

What is the Keto Diet?

The Keto diet was created in 1924 by Dr. Russel Wilder at the Mayo Clinic. It was initially created to treat people with epilepsy, and it worked very well. Doctors realized that eating a high-fat, low-carb (HFLC) diet produced the same ketones the body produces while fasting. In test groups they found those who ateContinue reading “What is the Keto Diet?”

Tips to Reduce Caloric Intake

Cutting carbs – reduces appetite which leads to consuming fewer calories. And has shown to be more effective than a low-fat calorie restricted diet. Lowering carb intake is especially helpful for people with type 2 diabetes. Drink more water – studies suggest drinking water can increase the number of calories you burn for up toContinue reading “Tips to Reduce Caloric Intake”