My New Favorite Coffee!!!

Some of you may be familiar with this already, it seems to be pretty popular. I have been learning some about the power of mushrooms lately. These aren’t the kind of mushrooms you typically find in the grocery store, this coffee has Lion’s Mane and Chaga Mushroom Powder. This coffee is quite smooth and does not taste like mushrooms. The dark roast seemed strong to me at first as I was not a dark roast drinker typically, I find I really enjoy it now. Lion’s Mane mushroom is a natural nootropic shown to support memory, focus & concentration; Recognized for its support of cognitive function, Lion’s Mane extract kickstarts your morning. Chaga mushroom, has antioxidant properties to support immune function & well-being; Plus organic rhodiola root, to help fight stress. This coffee seems to give me some increased focus and mental clarity. I’ve been drinking it for about 6 weeks, and just realized it only has half the caffeine when I read the product information again. I never noticed an energy dropoff, but it doesn’t mess with my sleep either. You can find it on Amazon, and I find it cheaper to buy it in the bag form and put it in an unbleached disposable k-cup. They do sell it in k-cups as well.

Published by Mike

Just beginning my keto journey. My goal is to lose 50 pounds and improve my overall health. I'm also hoping to build an audience I can interact with and learn from.

2 thoughts on “My New Favorite Coffee!!!

  1. My husband and I are loving this coffee! I find it to be smooth as well. (And I tend to like strong coffee.) The added benefits of the mushrooms make is a real bonus. Thanks for recommending it!!


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