After 90 Days on Keto

I began my journey on January 25, 2021 at 285 pounds. The above pictures from left to right were taken just 60 days apart, at about 30, 60, and 90 days into my journey. From January 25 to April 27th, I lost 55 pounds in about 90 days. If it didn’t happen to me, I would not believe it possible. The keto diet may not work for everyone, but it has been almost magical for me. The beginning was a bit rough having to give up my pop and sugar habit, but after just a few weeks I never craved those sweets anymore. The power of food is real and amazing. I always feel full and satisfied, and think my new healthy meals are delicious. The way I feel on my new diet is incredible, no way am I going back to how I did eat and feel. I had an initial goal of losing 50 pounds by my birthday, I have over a month to go and am currently close to 60 pounds of loss. I never dreamed it would happen so fast and I am not sure what my next goal is exactly. I will just keep going to where my healthy eating and body take me. I just want to be healthy, eat healthy, and feel great. I imagine I will end up somewhere around 200, I will be working out now so I will hopefully be adding some muscle as I lose more fat. At 19, I was probably in the best shape of my life and around 200 pounds. It is hard to believe I may end up where I was close to 30 years ago, but know it is possible now. I am currently under 230 pounds and probably haven’t been at that weight in 20 years, I’m sure my joints and body are thanking me.

Many have suggested that losing weight at this rate will make it impossible to keep off. This is probably true if I return to my old eating habits. That is not what I will be doing. Thanks to educating myself about the power of nutrition and fasting, my life has changed. I will continue to eat as healthy as I have been eating for the last 45 days or so and treating myself occasionally. I will consider eating at a restaurant or a social occasion as my treat most of the time. Things will come up and I don’t expect everyone else to prepare a special meal for me. I do not expect to eat healthy 100% of the time, but my new life will look much different than my old one. I did not start out this way, I just began by making some keto recipes I found online. I have since began to try and eat for as many vitamins and minerals as I could fit into my diet. I am striving to eat 7 cups of vegetables per day along with my fats and proteins. Most of my daily meals look something like this: Breakfast – I begin with a cup of kale and a tbsp of EVO in a skillet, cook it down a bit and add 3 to 4 eggs, and sometimes I add some protein like grass-fed beef, bison, elk, or a few strips of bacon, I also usually eat an avocado. Pre-lunch – is 8-10 almonds and half a cup of whole milk yogurt.  Lunch – is usually 3 cups of organic spring mix, 2 tbsp of Kimchi, 2 tbsp of sauerkraut, with a tbsp of EVO, 1 tbsp hemp seed oil, 3 tbsp pumpkin seeds, handful of sliced mushrooms, and 4-6 cherry tomatoes. I generally add some protein to my lunch as well. I may add some chicken or tuna to my salad, or maybe cook some wild caught fish or grass-fed beef. I usually finish with about 10 pistachios and one-sixth of a Lilly’s 70% cocoa bar. Three days a week, I have a shake with ¼ cup of wild blueberries, collagen, super greens mix, spirulina, turmeric, and cinnamon. I was using my matcha collagen keto latte mix for my collagen and it tasted rather good. I need to work on improving the flavor a bit after swapping out the mix for just collagen peptides, it is a cheaper way to go. I usually eat at noon and 4pm, but I do occasionally eat outside the 4-hour window. Most of the time I do not since I’ve been used to the schedule for some time now. In the beginning everything was tougher, but since developing good habits and a routine things have become much easier.

There are many ways to do keto, but I really noticed an improvement to how I felt once I started eating healthier. I am trying to eat a mix of seven cups of vegetables per day, and clean proteins and healthy fats. What I mean by clean protein is wild caught, grass-fed meat and fish, and pasture raised and organic eggs. I am pretty much dairy free except for the yogurt and cream for my coffee. I also do not eat any types of processed meat you don’t really know what all they add to it.

If you really want to increase your results intermittent fasting is the way to go. I think it is really the best way to get past any plateau you may encounter. If you plateau while intermittent fasting, I suggest you change it up a bit. The body is very efficient and will adjust to any habits you develop and looks a weight loss as becoming closer to dying. The only reason your body tries to store excess calories the way it does is to keep you alive. It does not care how you look or feel, it just wants to keep you alive. Stored calories or fat is just insurance for when food is not available, but we don’t experience that like our ancestors did. Today, food is available just about everywhere if you consider all that processed junk and fast food to be food.

I know I began by not tracking any information on what I was eating, now I try to plan a days’ worth of meals that fit my suggested macros. I do not log them daily I have enough things I want to include daily my only real option is what types of proteins I want to add daily, and maybe change out a few ingredients to keep things interesting. I generally rotate in different meats, chicken, turkey, and seafood. I have been ordering my proteins through thrive market and I love it. They generally have individually wrapped servings which makes it easy to thaw out what I want to eat as I go. It is also wild caught, grass-fed, and organic, and I believe I get it at a better price than I would pay at the local grocery store.

I am now going to start a food journal to keep track of what I eat daily. I will also keep track of how I feel each day. I want to be able to look at what I eat on the days I feel great and maybe days when I feel off a bit, so I can continue to customize my diet so I can feel my best most often. This is what I do, and it really seems to work well for well for me and my body. Doing exactly as I do may not work as well for you, but I hope it gives you some ideas on some things you may want to include in your routine. Please feel free to drop a comment or ask any questions you may have. I do not have any magic potions to offer you, but have learned much and may have some tips I could offer you.

Have a great day and good luck on your journey!

Published by Mike

Just beginning my keto journey. My goal is to lose 50 pounds and improve my overall health. I'm also hoping to build an audience I can interact with and learn from.

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