10 Steps for Keto Success!

       As you may already know, I recently made a post in one of my keto groups about the success I had so far. I lost 43 pounds in just 9 weeks. This triggered many questions from the group. Some were skeptical, wanted to know what I ate, how long I fasted, and what is the one piece of advice I would give, and this is what I came up with. I have not done everything right according to the keto guidelines. I have made several mistakes, and still had great success. Whether you are considering keto, new to keto, struggling to lose weight, or having a hard time trying to come up with a keto plan, I think I have just the thing for you. Do not stress out with trying to learn all the rules before you even get started. This is a wellness journey it is supposed to make you feel good. Do not worry if you slip up, my plan allows for some errors. This guide is based on my experience and knowledge I have gained so far. This worked for me and I bet it works for you too.

  1. Eliminate – If you have not done so already eliminate all: dairy, gluten, processed carbs, and sugars. Focus on whole foods and try to use one of the nut milks as a dairy substitute for your coffee. You can have dairy products on keto, I am just trying to help reset your gut. Your gut is like another brain, some even say it was our “first brain” and we used it to create the one in our head. You can add dairy back to your diet after your first 3 weeks.
  2. Body – Understand that your body as a whole is one big system, everything in it works together. Your body will also be the best doctor you have ever had. It has amazing powers to heal itself, you just have to give it what it needs.
  3. Mind – Knowing the body is one system, it’s time to get your mind right. Your thoughts can manifest what happens to each cell in your body. How you think will affect how you feel. It is time to let go of all the negativity. It is not your fault if you are not at your ideal weight. None of the processed foods marketing companies spend billions of dollars every year, to make us think we should eat that crap. It is designed to make us overeat. They chemically alter it to taste good, and it does not have what the body needs so you never feel satisfied after eating it. So, back to getting your mind right. Now when you start cooking or are getting ready to sit down to eat, be HAPPY! The food you are about to eat is good for you, going to heal you, and make you feel better! What we put into our bodies directly affects your mind, mood, and body. All those processed food chemicals, starches, and sugars make our brains and body inflamed, which makes us ache, cranky, and irritable.
  4. Simplify – Do not overcomplicate this diet in the beginning. All you really need to do for now is focus on eating whole foods and try to limit your carbs to 20 grams a day. Do not worry about calorie count, tracking macros, or any of that stuff for right now. Do keep protein calories to 50% or less, recent information says over 50% increases risk of cancer.
  5. Water – Drink lots of water! Water helps everything in the body work more efficiently. Drinking just 17 ounces of water 30 minutes before a meal, has shown to increase your weight loss by up to 44%. You know, all that stuff your Grandmother use to tell you. Drink water, eat fruit and veggies, chew your food, it works. Chewing more aids in digestion and gives your body more time to sense the food reducing the amount you want to eat. Drink at least half of your weight in ounces each day. I recommend more, your body will be releasing toxins as you burn those fat cells. The only way to get rid of them is by moving and flushing them out with water. I am at 245 right now and drank 170 ounces of water today. Do not worry about flushing out all your electrolytes, as long as you are adding a pinch of that good pink salt to your water you should be fine. If you have issues, up that potassium (avocado, beef, mushrooms, salmon). I also recommend a reverse osmosis system to limit the amount of chemicals you put in your body. You can use a filter or buy distilled or spring water. I would like to see you drink from a glass. Plastic is a petroleum byproduct and has chemicals too, you know it as BPA. Just trying to limit the number of contaminates in our systems.
  6. No snacking! Look, the first few weeks are going to be rough. Your body was basically addicted to all that bad stuff and will go through sort of a withdrawal. I tried making all the keto dessert stuff at first, none of it got that fix I was wanting. Two weeks in, I broke down and drank 3-4 ounces of a soda pop. Soon, those cravings will disappear. If you are hungry, eat another meal. Do not stress out about calories, you are not counting them right now. I do not care if you put on a few pounds while making the switch. Try not to get on the scale for the first 3 weeks. You are putting good stuff in your body now it will go to work for you soon enough. After a meal, your insulin levels will begin to drop. When they get low enough for long enough, your body will begin to burn its stored energy (your fat) for fuel. This is why it is important not to snack, as soon as you eat it will stop the process.
  7. Keto Flu -Do not buy any of the keto snacks, ketone drinks, or supplements. Get you some foods high in vitamin B (eggs, red meat, chicken, fish), and some unprocessed salt (pink Himalayan is a good one. Eat the food and put a little sprinkle of the salt in your water or lick it right off your hand. This will eliminate most of those keto flu symptoms and cramps.
  8. 2 meals a day – This may be a little tough at first, but will get easier, I promise. 10-20 days after making the switch to your new diet, you probably will start to notice that you really are not that hungry anymore. Your body is now getting what it wants and will feel satisfied for longer periods. When this happens try to eat in an 8-hour window, then work on closing that gap to about 5 hours. This will give you a fasting period of 16 to 19 hours, amazing stuff is going on in your body right now. Cells are getting repaired, HGH and Ketone production is increasing, Brain and Stem cells are being created, you are fighting off disease and reversing the aging process. I told you, AMAZING stuff. The added benefit of the fast is if you did anything to kick you out of ketosis, you will go back into it during the fast.
  9. Education – Start Educating Yourself. I will post links to all the people I learned all these facts from soon, giving you a place to go for free. I listen to this information for like 10 hours every day. I am listening to experts I know the information I pass along is credible. The more I learn about the power of food and fasting, the better I want to do. I have two goals: One is to empower each of you to learn how to live a long and healthy life. And the other is to learn enough to be able to work with some of these experts I am learning from. Some of them are really trying to change things to make things better for all of us and make our whole nation healthier. I want to be able to contribute knowledge and help support their causes, as they are now important to me. These people have changed my life and so have all of you. As you learn more, refine your diet and create one just for you.
  10. Goals – Set incremental goals, achieve one and set another. Do not put a time limit on the first few. Maybe start by setting a goal of losing 10-20 pounds and go from there. Also, set a few marks where you celebrate. I started out with the goal of losing 50 pounds by my birthday, which was about 5 months out. I also decided I would celebrate by having a cheat meal at the 30- and 50-pound marks. Just do a cheat meal rather than a whole day or weekend. I was planning on pizza and beer, but ended up eating an – inch pizza and skipping the beers. I was not planning to eat it all but had 2/3 of it and polished off the rest 2 hours later. See, even I did not follow my rules. Just don’t go crazy, and you will bounce right back.

I can hardly wait to hear about the success you had if you decide to give it a try. Please come back and share or ask questions if you want. Results will vary. Women do not tend to lose as fast as men, and everyone is different. Those who have more to lose probably drop weight faster as well. I started out at 285 pounds and think I should lose 70-90 pounds to land in that healthy BMI category.  Good luck on your journey and have a great day!

I received some feedback on this post saying that going without sweets forever is unrealistic, and there are some good sweet options on Keto. So true. I have learned that I enjoy sugar free pudding and have a recipe for a shake that tastes like a frosty I really like. I will also enjoy a non diet form of traditional desserts on occasion in the future. No real dessert ever! Who would sign up for that? Not me. Anything in moderation will be fine. After all, I have learned with the power of food, I can help my body heal itself from the damage I’ve done to it for the last 40 years. My plan is to do Keto until I’m satisfied with where I am. I may come back to it from time to time to maintain my new body. Learning about the power of food, I believe it is important to eat a diverse diet to get those great nutrients from all types of foods. I also believe keto is a great way to kick off a lifestyle change, as it offers many benefits other diets do not. Hope that helps clear up my view on this diet.

Published by Mike

Just beginning my keto journey. My goal is to lose 50 pounds and improve my overall health. I'm also hoping to build an audience I can interact with and learn from.

8 thoughts on “10 Steps for Keto Success!

    1. Can’t really take credit, just compiling the powerful information that many people much smarter than I have shared. The people I am learning from have dedicated decades to study of nutrition, I am just getting started. I am very proud of what I have been able to accomplish thanks to them and their many years of hard work.


    1. I think that is the best first step we can all make. Good for you!
      I’ve also eliminated all processed deli meats, as they usually have all kinds of stuff in them we aren’t always aware of. I just really stick to whole foods anymore, and can’t believe the difference it has made in the way I feel.


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