Week 9 Results

Had to get real this week. I gave up on my 30 miles a week walking goal this week. Being back to work full-time and trying to keep up with everything was making me miserable. This is a wellness journey, I am not supposed to be miserable. Those of you that may beat yourself up every time you make a mistake or struggle, are not doing yourself any favors. I am guilty of this in a lot of areas of my life and getting down on myself will not help anything. I hope some of you can take this advice as well. I will be changing things up as I probably lost the easier to lose pounds already. I am getting close to my original goal of 50 pounds by my birthday, and I will not be stopping there. I have more to lose, and am shooting for around 215, which will be 70 pounds of loss. I will not be putting a time limit on this goal. I will be adding weightlifting and some more aerobic exercises when I join a gym. I figure, I will be losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time. If I continue to feel better, I will be happy no matter what the scales say. 215 still has me in the overweight category according to my app, but I was in good shape when I was 18 and was around 200. Not sure what my bottom is but as you know, I do not believe in setting unrealistic goals. If I hit one and still think I have work to do, I will keep at it. I have been learning new information about the power of food and fasting, and I would like to become the healthiest version of myself. I will not be training for any marathons or iron man competitions, just getting healthy is the goal.

I will start counting my calories and paying attention to my macros. I plan on fasting for about 36 hours 3-4 times a month and will be working toward eating just one time per day 3 days a week. I have been working up to this, I am not advising anyone to follow what I do. The record for the length of time someone has fasted, is 382 days (He was under medical supervision and given water and supplements). It would be best to consult a doctor for any fast over 24-hours. I have already completed one 36-hour fast and felt good the whole time. I would have eaten if I felt weak or feeling off at all. I only set out to do 24-hours, but it was almost bedtime and was feeling good.

I lost 4 pounds this week.

Beginning weight 285.

Current weight 243.

Total loss of 42 pounds in 9 weeks!

Published by Mike

Just beginning my keto journey. My goal is to lose 50 pounds and improve my overall health. I'm also hoping to build an audience I can interact with and learn from.

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