Tips to Reduce Caloric Intake

Cutting carbs – reduces appetite which leads to consuming fewer calories. And has shown to be more effective than a low-fat calorie restricted diet. Lowering carb intake is especially helpful for people with type 2 diabetes.

Drink more water – studies suggest drinking water can increase the number of calories you burn for up to 90 minutes. Drinking water before a meal can reduce hunger and lead to consuming fewer calories. A study of people who drank 17 ounces of water 30 minutes before meals over 12 weeks, lost 44% more than those who did not.

Eat more protein – eating protein increases your metabolic rate, helps to curb appetite, and helps you feel fuller longer. Protein also requires more energy to metabolize, you can burn an extra 80-100 calories just by eating.

Exercise and weight-lifting – is important when restricting caloric intake. When you restrict calories for extended periods of time, your metabolism will most likely drop. It can also lead to a loss of muscle mass which also lowers your metabolism. The only way to prevent this is to use those muscles, lift weights or do pushups, squats, and situps at home, or get out and walk, jog, or swim. This will improve cardio health as well. Exercise burns calories and helps boos metabolism.

How many calories you should have per day depends on many factors. Whether you want to gain, lose, or maintain your weight. Your age, gender, height, current weight, activity level, and metabolic health. A calorie reduction of 500 calories per day, should roughly lead to one pound of weight loss per week. There are many calorie counters and keto macro calculators out there, I cannot recommend one at this time as I tried several and they all seemed to want to try and sell me something as well. Which one do you use? Do you have one you really like? Please help me find one and leave a comment below.

As a general guide:

Women who are moderately active, between the ages of 26-50 need about 2000 calories a day to maintain weight.

Men who are moderately active, between the ages of 26-45 need about 2600 calories per day to maintain weight.

A little more if you are younger, and a little less if you are older.

Good luck on your journey and have a great day!

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